Message from AASBA Management Team

Message from AASBA Management team

Dear all,

We are delighted to inform you that The African Australian Small Business Association will be holding its inaugural Afro Aussie Small Business Expo on Saturday, February 24, 2018 in the heart of Footscray, Nicholson Street (Little Africa). The Afro Aussie Expo and Website Project has been assisted by Maribyrnong City Council through its Business Improvement District Grants Program.

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A looming war between big and small business

There’s a rare meeting happening in Canberra this Wednesday. Twenty-one small business association leaders are gathering in Parliament House to press the case for a fundamental change to competition laws. It’s not usual for small business representatives to find an issue that so galvanises them that they unite in this manner.  

The big issue is the mooted introduction of the ‘effects test’. It has big business lobbyists raging in a way not seen since the mining industry threw massive resources at neutering Gillard’s mining tax.

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Adam Bandt’s 7-Eleven bill labelled a “kiss of death” for small franchises

Greens MP Adam Bandt’s bill to make franchisors responsible for underpayments of employees by franchisees would be the “kiss of death” for small franchises if it were to become law, according to one expert.

Bandt introduced the bill into federal parliament yesterday, saying the government needed to take urgent action in the wake of the 7-Eleven scandal.

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A Four Corners investigation looks into halal certification and its impact on Australian consumers

IT’S the issue that has Australians confused, divided and often misguided: what, exactly, is Halal certified food, what does it mean for the average customer — and where does the money from it go?

For most food producers and experts, it’s a straightforward business practice which enables Muslim consumers to buy the product.

However, for certain individuals and groups such as Reclaim Australia, halal certification is a “religious tax” and a sign that Australia is becoming increasingly “Islamified”.

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Meet Mr Daw Chuorgak, Owner and Manager of the CDJ Juba Café and Restaurant

At CDJ Juba Café & Restaurant located at 10 Paisley St, Footscray Victoria, Mr Chuorgak serves fine African Dishes including the popular Sudanese Casserole Lamp Kebab with Rice or Bread.

Daw said that the Footscray restaurant and shopping precinct is now ready to cater for mainstream patrons and customers. He mentioned that “In the beginning, my restaurant was set up to cater for members of the African Community in Victoria, but since then we have developed a new approach to appeal to mainstream restaurant patrons. Now we cater for almost everyone – our customers include members of the Asian community and others.”

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The Three Balaclavas

Parking, Graffiti and Safety

Based on the findings from a sample survey recently conducted by AASBA, the Board of Management has unanimously approved the long-awaited comprehensive follow-up study of the three major issues identified as major hindrances preventing the growth and prosperity of African – Australians owned Businesses in the Footscray Business District, due to their impact on shoppers and the growing number of visitors to the area.

* Maribyrnong City Council’s current parking policy

* Security and Safety

* Graffiti and Cleanliness.

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TOP Voted African Restaurants and Cafés in Footscray

$$$$ Footscray – African 124 Victoria St

$$$$ Footscray – African, Ethiopian/Eritrean 227 Barkly St

$$$$ Footscray – African 91 Irving St

$$$$ Footscray – African, Ethiopian/Eritrean 82 Hopkins St

$$$$ Footscray – African, Ethiopian/Eritrean 327 Barkly St

$$$$ Footscray – African, Ethiopian/Eritrean 226 Nicholson Street

$$$$ Footscray – African, Ethiopian/Eritrean, Organic 161 Nicholson St

$$$$ Footscray – African, Ethiopian/Eritrean 207 Nicholson St

$$$$ Footscray – African, Ethiopian/Eritrean, Vegetarian 121 Nicholson St

$$$$ Footscray – African, Middle Eastern 4/203 Ballarat Rd

$$$$ Footscray – African, Burgers, Ethiopian/Eritrean 253 Barkly St

$$$$ Footscray – African, Breakfast/Brunch, Middle Eastern 143-145 Nicholson St

$$$$ Footscray – African, Ethiopian/Eritrean 222 Nicholson St

$$$$ Footscray – African, Bakery, Ethiopian/Eritrean 77 Irving Street

$$$$ Footscray – African 83 Irving St

$$$$ Footscray – African 133 Nicholson St

$$$$ Footscray – African, Coffee, Desserts/Ice Cream 137 Nicholson Street

Footscray – African 222 Nicholson Street

$$$$ Footscray – African, Wine Bar 85 Irving St


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Super women take action for comfortable retirement

The ATO is encouraging women to take an active interest in their superannuation to help overcome the retirement-savings shortfall many are experiencing. Speaking at the Women’s Super Summit in February, Assistant Commissioner Megan Yong said she wants to encourage women to start thinking about their super.

‘It’s never too late for women to start learning about all sorts of practical things they can do to make a difference to their super over time,’ Assistant Commissioner Yong said. ‘And it’s something we do need to look at. On average, Australian women currently retire with super account balances of just $112,600*.

‘That’s much less than the amount a single woman needs for a $40,000-a-year retirement income, which is at the lower end of the ‘what’s adequate’ scale.

‘It surprises a lot of people that putting the equivalent cost of one cup of coffee a day into your super can add up to an extra $128,000 when you retire**’, she said.

Megan encourages women to go online to and do the ATO’s five-step super check. ‘The five-step super check walks you through what you need to do, including checking your statements to make sure you are getting everything to which you’re entitled, that your super fund has your tax file number so you don’t pay too much tax, and determining if you are entitled to a government super contribution.

‘You can also use SuperSeeker – part of the ATO’s online services – to make locating and managing your super easier.

‘Most importantly, put whatever extra you can afford into your account. As the cup of coffee example demonstrates, it can pay you back many times over.’

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